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The knowledge about medical skin care product.

1.Medical skin care product,which possesses cosmetic effect and therapeutic activity,is an emerging one in modern times. This type of product is usual added some natural material having the dual efficacy of skin care and treatment according to the need of physiology and pathological state in skin.These natural materials include many plant extracts , for example:

Aloe extract ------It has the function of nourishing,beauty and making skin soft,smooth, and the efficacy of sterilization,anti-inflammatory, strengthening  immunity,eliminating free radicals.So it can be used for moisturizing,skin care, and is also used  to treat acne,freckle,and skin dry bursting,etc.

Jojoba oil------Golden jojoba oil,which has the reputation of ' liquid gold',is the best skin moisturizing oil  and is able to make skin shine,elasticity,and bright.And that it is also used to treat certain diseases,such as erythra,pimple/acne,wound and neuerodermatitis,etc.

Hyaluronic Acid------It is not only a natural high effective  moisturizer and emollient,but also is an anti-aging factor.So it has been used to heal a wound , burn or frostbite in the medicine.

2.The appearance of medical skin care product is usually showing milky white,light yellow,chartreuse,or even brown,because these products were
made from natural plant essence  with color. Most general skin care products or cosmetics , without any plant essence, are generally snowy white .
Thereby we can tell easily which is the real natural skin care product with efficacy of nursing care and treatment.

3.For medical skin care product,in consideration of the user's skin that skin-barrier function is more vulnerable than one of healthy skin,so this type of product had used some moderate plant factor and avoided using artificial flavors and color. Therefore, it reducing stimulation to allergic skin and is more suitable for all people to use.